BW Spring Conference 2019

Nancy Guthrie

A Garden Even Than Eden: The Story of the Wilderness - The story of the Bible begins with a barren wilderness in which God planted a garden in Eden where he intended to dwell with his people, Adam and Eve. But when they sinned Adam and Eve were exiled from the garden into the surrounding wilderness. But God also began working out his plan to bring his people back into his presence in a garden-like city that will be even better than Eden. 

A Marriage that Will Last Forever:  The Story of the Bridegroom - The Bible begins with God presenting Adam with his bride, Eve, and ends with God presenting Christ with his bride, the church. Everything in between is the story of God’s loving pursuit of his run-away bride.  

Even Better than Eden - The Story of the Wilderness

Even Better than Eden - The Story of the Bridegroom

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