You’ll often hear in the world today messages like “just follow your heart” or “be true to your own heart”. But Jon Bloom says in this book that “our hearts were never designed to be followed but to be led”.

This is a beautiful little book of 31 short chapters that are meant to be read devotionally.

It’s all about the heart and how we can lead our hearts to love God properly and do his will. Jon Bloom masterfully diagnoses many of the common “heart problems” that can derail a Christian. He also proves that genuine and lasting joy, peace, and happiness come not from indulging our every inner desire and impulse but from training our hearts and minds to trust and obey God’s will. He shows the beauty of the Christian life that is thus submitted to the Lord Jesus.

This is a biblical and practical devotional read that will both inspire and convict.

As with most of their resources, Desiring God has made the digital version of this book available for free on their website. It can also be purchased as a physical copy from any bookseller.